Employees of the August Storm GmbH & Co. KG pass Cambridge Business Exam

further education August Storm GmbH & Co. KG

For many years now, STORM Group has provided in-house Business English Courses for their employees. Participants are improving their language skills and some then like to sit an exam to have their progress certified.

At the end of 2017 two employees were ready to tackle the challenge: Participants from one of currently three English courses took the exam “Business English Certificate Preliminary“ in Münster. Beforehand, they had been thoroughly prepared for the exam by Ms Barbara Friedenstab, English Trainer from Spelle. The candidates Sandra Reker and Sebastian von Herz were tested in four areas “Reading, Writing, Listening Comprehension and Oral abilities“. When the results were published after about one month both participants had (of course) passed the exam and received their certificates.

Company STORM congratulates the participants on successfully completing the examination.

From the left: Sandra Reker, Barbara Friedenstab, Sebastian von Herz

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