General Information to all our customers and partners

General Information to all our customers and partners

Dear customers and partners,

The emergency situation generated by the spreading of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced us, to take reliable and appropriate measures aimed at ensuring the protection of our employees’ health, and at the same time, to safeguard the continuity of the service that we owe to all of our customers.

Here we share the preventive actions introduced:

1. A work group has been established to coordinate the activities related to this emergency situation according the directives from the German government and other public authorities and with continuously monitoring the situation and assuring constant information to all STORM-employees.

2. Comprehensive guidelines on correct behaviors and habits to follow for the benefit of everyone’s safety have been shared. Strict hygienic measures have been imposed and hand disinfection dispensers have been installed.

3. Employees’ business trips, of whatever type, have been reduced to an absolute minimum or postponed to a future date. We recommend all employees, customers and partners to use digital communication tools.

4. External visits to STORM have been limited to an absolute minimum. In this case in order to enter our workshops and premises, a mandatory detailed self-declaration is required.

5. Appropriate countermeasures have been taken in order to limit the contemporary presence of employees in common areas. Cleaning and disinfection activities inside of the factory plant have been strongly enhanced.

6. Our employees are requested to avoid mass events and to respect the rules of social distancing in public areas.

7. All of our staff has been advised not to come to work in case they have a cough and/or a cold and/or fever.

8. Meetings with customers/suppliers are only held if absolutely necessary, in order to assure a smooth execution of our operations. Smart working activities are progressively strengthened, and for every function a shift organization is being implemented.

At the moment all of STORM’s activities are fully functioning, with some unavoidable difficulties but without any problem of raw material, spare part and components sourcing.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation, to strive to protect the safety of our employees and to guarantee the smooth execution of our activities in the service to our customers.





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