#85Years #STORM - Congratulations

On 13.06.1937 August Storm ventured the step into independence and founded a cylinder and crankshaft grinding shop in Rheine at the Thiemauer.

The small company, with initially 4 employees, has become one of the largest OEM-independent service providers for combustion engines in the range of 100 to 7000 kW. Today, more than 350 employees work daily at 14 locations to ensure fast and flexible order processing.

"We are Service!" is not a slogan for us, but we live service. Engines and drives are not just machines for us. We associate them with ideas, solutions, the future and customer benefits. Nowhere is our motto better realized than when you take a look at our own development. The company's history is characterized by new ideas, innovations and constant growth, combined with expansions and several relocations to make room for the continuously growing need for space.
We look back on this successful company history with pride and gratitude.

85 years of STORM - 85 years full of energy, innovation and team spirit! We thank our customers and business partners for their trust, their loyalty and the excellent cooperation. And a "thank you" to our employees for their commitment and support!


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