Successful implementation of all COVID-19 protection measures

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Successful implementation of all COVID-19 protection measures

The emergency situation created by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced us to take far-reaching and appropriate measures to ensure the protection of the health of our employees while ensuring the continuity of our services, which we owe to all our customers.
All measures are now fully established.

The fact that we, as a family business, have always felt particularly committed to the protection of our employees and have a vast experience in this area is proven, among other things, by our occupational health and safety management. With this, we regularly prove that we meet all requirements of the national guideline for work safety management and implement them in our daily operations. Professional work safety management measurably improves operational processes, the quality of work results, productivity, employee motivation and thus the working atmosphere.

Our existing routine in this area has contributed significantly to the ability of our company to quickly and professionally implement the tightened health and hygiene measures of the current situation of danger - so we continue to support our customers and business partners flexibly, reliably and with the quality they are accustomed to.

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