#sustainability #resource conservation

STORM for future!  Quality you can rely on - also for the environment!

#Sustainability and #resource conservation are important challenges for society and its companies not only today, but also in the future.

But how often does it not even occur in everyday work how, where and to what extent potentials, for example for CO2 reduction, lie?

To raise awareness of potential savings, the boxes of our exchange parts now bear new labeling that shows how enormous the savings opportunities are.

Sustainable since 1937: As an engine reconditioning company, we have been contributing to resource conservation since 1937. By reusing and refurbishing core components, not only are resources conserved, but an active contribution is made directly to environmental protection. The CO2 footprint of an engine part is reduced by at least 89% through repair compared to a new part!

Every engine contains high-quality materials and top technical performance that deserve to be used even after heavy use. Through state-of-the-art repair processes, we conserve resources and make engines and engine parts fit for a second career. The use of the latest technologies sometimes even makes it possible to improve quality through the reconditioning process!


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