to visitors to our homepage,

In 2017 we could celebrate our 80th birthday. A good reason to be proud of what we have achieved in the past.

As a family-owned and family-managed company we have in the past 80 years been through many ups as well as some downs. Hard work, the initiative and idealism shown by individuals as well as the social cohesion of all our employees was necessary in order to have new ideas and personal commitment get our company where it is today and to keep it there.  

We are a middle-market family-owned company and we want to stay that way. We are standing on a solid foundation that puts us in a position not only to  withstand the vicissitudes of a barely predictable economic cycle but to even grow through it, in a healthy sense. We do not just manufacture engines, we are also an engine. But no engine can run without being supplied with fuel and lubricants and certainly not without the required maintenance. Our fuel is our customers and the indispensable lubricant is our workforce. And, like any engine, we do not just want to stand still but, in the best sense of the word, get those things moving that will secure our existence and growth in the future as well. 

We want to move forward into the future with optimism and continue to generate motion.
Bernard Storm